Single measuring computer for all Kempe - Probes

The FMC - MINI 99 continues the excellent tradition of the FMC - MINI measuring computer, which was successfully used in Fermentation Industries in the last years.

The aim of developing the FMC - MINI LCD was to get a multi-functional instrument for biotechnology and chemical technology with a wide area of application and a high ease of operation.

The following variants of FMC - MINI 99 are available:

  • FMC - MINI 99/000 Measurement of Ethanol and temperature, outputs of limit value, recorder for Ethanol and temperature (Optional: Ethanol concentration controller)
  • FMC - MINI 99/112 Measurement of Ethanol, temperature and two other analog inputs, output of limit values, recorder, control of processes

The measuring computer is operated via four keys only, so that the communication is very easy.

The computers program and data are buffered by battery. In a power failure, the computer is protected. After longer storage time or changes of the computers EPROM, the computer should be restarted using the INIT key .



  • Integrated measuring value memory
  • Graphic display of measuring values
  • Control functions optional
  • Controller functions
  • Event memory (alarms, disfunction)
  • Network capable

 Installation sheet

  • 4 x analogue input, 2 x analogue output,
    8 x digital input , 8 x digital output
    Two of the analogue inputs are used for internal measuring amplifiers for alcohol and  temperature
    RS 232 and RS 485
  • Housing, wall mounted or bench top

Vinegar fermenter control

For vinegar manufacturing special versions have been designed. The FMC MINI has a wide field of application and an easy operating.

Following designs of the FMC MINI are available:

    Measuring of alcohol and temperature, limit-output of measured variables, calculating of degration rate, graphics, data-logging, analog output
    functions of FMC MINI / N, additional measuring of level and control of temperature
    additional to functions of FMC MINI / M : control of charge, discharge, level, air rate, time control, request for nutrient dosage.


M&C Components "Normal Process"

M01 Aeration, M02  Defoamer, P01 Discharge-pump, P02 Cooling water pump, P03 Charge-pump, P04 Nutrient pump, V01 Cooling water valve , V02 Charge valve, V03 Nutrient valve, V04 Air-valve, AIC01 Silicon-Tubing-Probe, TIC02 Temperature probe , LIC03 Level transmitter (Level 1),  LIC04  Level transmitter (Level 2), LI05 Level transmitter, LC06 Foam electrode, FIC07 Flowmeter Nutrient (Flow1), FC08  Liquid flow switch charge,  FC09 Liquid flow switch discharge