Alcoline – the Silicone Tubing Probe for in-line alcohol* measurement in biotechnology and beverage industry
                 *) that includes methanol and methane measurement


The Silicone Tubing Probe is a reliable instrument for on-line measurement of volatile organic compounds. The Silicone Tubing Probe functions according to the following principle.

The combi membrane separates the sensor chamber with carrier gas from the fermentation medium (measuring medium). Carrier gas in a precisely defined quantity flows through this sensor chamber. Volatile compounds of the medium permeate the combi membrane, the permeation speed depending on their concentration. In the sensor chamber, the carrier gas saturated with the volatile component passes the semiconductor gas sensor which changes its electrical properties according to the concentration of substance to be measured. These signals are then processed in the Fermentation Micro Computer of the measuring and control system FMC.

The SnO2 sensor is heated in order to have a rapid regeneration of its surface with oxygen supplied by the carrier gas.

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Applications of the Silicone tubing probe

  • in-line monitoring of the alcohol concentration
  • in-line monitoring of the methane concentration in biogas reactors
  • monitoring of methanol concentration during high cell density fermentation of Pichia pastoris
  •   in-line control of fermentation processes for baker yeast and vinegar fermentation


  • direct measurement of alcohol (methane, methanol) in liquid continuous measurement
  • low cross-sensitivity
  • robust, easy-to-use